Welcome to Brown Sugar World.This is website where I  showcase my makeup skills and hairdressing skills as I train in beauty & hairdressing  school .My name is Betty and  I am trainee makeup artist, hairdresser ,photographer &,illustrator .

I will be showcasing many beauty looks and celebrate varies shades of brown women of African and Asian descent come in here.

This is where I will also document my journey to launch my own makeup ,skin & hair brand. Brown Sugar Cosmetics .Which I plan to do in the future .The brand is going to be called Brown Sugar Cosmetics.It is for brown skin girls and ladies who are ignored by mainstream beauty companies.

I want to started a beauty brand because I got fed up of not being able to find foundation that matches my skin tone.I want to celebrated brown skin tones & have skin products that are natural and not toxic .And also wanted to use ancient African and Asian recipes that have been past from mother to mother from daughter to daughter for generations.

I will be using natural Ingredients like Turmeric ,Shea butter ,Beetroot etc instead of the harmful chemicals you find in mainstream beauty Products.I think using natural ingredients is so important ,as anything you put in your skin is absorbed in to your blood stream.And your health comes first. Unfortunately many things found in mainstream beauty products are carcinogenic or plain toxic.You shouldn’t have to be sick to be be beautiful

Please follow me on my beauty journey and consider buying my products when they launch .And please consider booking me for various services I offer ,which is hairdressing ,makeup , photography and illustrations.

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